Friday, April 23, 2010

Dancing with Mammon

Fairly early on when I started this blogging lark, I discovered there was a setting for monetising your blog. This involves them (the great faceless them) placing ads relevant to content in your blog and if any blog followers ( I think I have a grand total of three) click on ads, the blogger gets some small return, something like US 1 cent per click.

I agonised a bit about this because I wasn't sure if I wanted to dance with Mammon. It seemed a tad cheesy (insert ad for Kraft cheese here). But I RATIONALISED as we all do. Well, I'm expending some time on this, mainly for the heck of it, the fun, but if a little monetary recompense could flow my way, well, why not?

I'm not sure if it is even set up properly. I may have 12 cents sitting in a Swiss bank account (insert ad for Goldman Sachs here - are they still standing?) trying to find me!

I have a good friend from Australia living in China at present and I said to him that if he could persuade his Chinese friends and associates to follow the blog of an erudite English and Theatre major such as myself, they might learn erudite English (valuable to them) and click on my ads (valuable to me). Millions of Chinese followers of my blog means millions of cents of clicks. When I'm a blog millionaire, come and tap me for some largesse and so that I can spread the love. I'm keen to support young artists of any persuasion, particularly theatre practitioners and writers but any art practice is worth supporting. Ah, dreams of blog-induced philanthropy!

It's tricky, selling out. Neil Sedaka may have reasoned that "breaking up is hard to do", but selling your soul ain't no piece of cake neither!

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