Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TUESDAY POEM: "And Still There Is" by Andrew M. Bell


When other couples are growing
as pale and familiar as sun-bleached wallpaper
we are growing together.
Our emotions are an expanding business
that exercises new stock options on happiness.
A wire, tubular and fat with lovesongs,
is strung between our hearts
with the excitement of the first telephone
on which we coo our communications,
well aware that we disgust those of a cynical nature.
We fight and pick faults,
but every night we clean the saddle of burrs
and ride out fresh for daybreak horizons,
anxious to be reunited by evening.
We have nothing to hide from each other
and we never speak without listening.
We build a bridge from our dreams
that takes us into the future,
shaping each unique day with the hands of hope.
And still there is
room for romance to be romantic.

Copyright Andrew M. Bell

The poet would like to acknowledge Valley Micropress in whose publication this poem first appeared.

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  1. I enjoyed this - especially that phrase "coo our communications", and the metaphor about stock options!