Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If it aint broke, don't fix it

Recently, one of our television channels rebranded itself and aimed, so we are told, at a slightly older demographic range.

It got me thinking about the modern obsession for rebranding. The consumer was either indifferent to or perfectly comfortable with the old bottle/logo/channel/newspaper banner/the list goes on, but the "ideas" people think they should refresh everything about every five minutes. Does this say something about modern short attention spans? Does this say something about the contemporary desire for constant entertainment/stimulation?

Cue old fart music: can anyone remember when it was fine to lie on a sun-dappled river bank and read a good book or just gaze at the water meandering by and listen to the birdsong and JUST BE? To be quiet for a moment, to still oneself so that some inner voice might speak above the hubbub of the human world.

But now they must dazzle us with pretty colours or smooth, sexy shapes because we have become capital C Consumers and we must be forever bombarded with sensory stimulation so that we never have a micro-second's pause in which we might ruminate and decide that we don't like the crap they are foisting on us!

If you want some real sensory stimulation, I advise you to go to my friend,  Richard Clark's website and gaze at some of his awesome photographs. Now that's what I call something to look at!

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