Monday, February 21, 2011

Selling us down an American River

Recently, the news has featured a proposed free trade deal called the “Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.”
See interesting link to book by Kiwi intellectual, Jane Kelsey:

Essentially, that champion of free trade and the free world (Yeah right), the United States wants its corporations to be able to rape and pillage foreign markets while John Key tugs his forelock for the crumbs from the American table.
When will these blind ideologist politicians learn that FREE TRADE comes at a very big price and ain’t free at all?
Essentially, big business America such as Pharmaceutical companies, oil companies and all the usual suspects will gain the power to sue Nations whose laws interfere with them making rapacious profits. Noam Chomsky warned us that the Nation State had given away to control by Corporations so here we go skipping merrily towards 1984.
Winston (not Peters), come in soon, your time is up.

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