Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Going (Oil) cap in hand to the predators

I heard something this morning on the radio news that got me positively apoplectic!

Grey Wolf, a Chinese-backed energy exploration company, plans to explore for oil in the waters of Golden Bay. And another Texas-based company is planning to explore for oil in the offshore waters of Taranaki and Canterbury.

What is this: New Zealand up for sale? Does the quest for money so blind the government that they don’t think it through? If we have a scenario like the Gulf oil spill, we will cripple our economy not enhance it. The Gulf oil spill had a devastating effect on the local economies of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, but America is a huge country with a large economy which could absorb this economic body blow without being KO’ed.

New Zealand would be screwed, plain and simple. We couldn’t afford to fund a recovery operation of that scale and one of our biggest earners of overseas funds, tourism, would be shattered, well and truly.

I couldn’t believe the arrogance of the CEO of Grey Wolf (predatory name, predatory nature?). He said we needed their money in order not to become an economic basket case. If the iwi and others wouldn’t play ball, they’d take their economic bat and ball and go off somewhere else in a tantrum. Well, good luck to him! I say: “Go, bugger off! We don’t want your filthy oil money. We want tourism and sustainable, renewable energy resources. You are getting desperate, dirty oil man, and you need to drill deeper and more dangerously.”

Well, hello, we live in a country of seismic instability. Did Grey Wolf and Hekia (Aunty Tom) Parata think about that one?

It makes my blood boil! Let Hekia know, we won’t be “royalty” screwed by Big Oil!

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