Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Poem: "frisson"

I’d forgotten the electricity
like the heightened ritual
of courtship dance
between two elaborately plumaged birds

it’s poetry without the punctuation
it's animal but with sophistication
it's intellectual but draped with stimulation
and in the end it doesn't rhyme

Yes, I'd forgotten the electricity
but also never forgotten
and words are servants too clumsy
to serve the feeling awakened meeting you again

deep sorrow has assailed you
yet still your skin looks like ivory silk
and your eyes hold me like an idea of heaven

I wanted to kiss you full on the mouth
but who could stop at one?


  1. Nice, I really like the way this pulls on rich metaphors and plays with them, with - I'm not sure - can I say a modern romanticism?

  2. Thanks, AJ. I really love the phrase you've conjured up, "modern romanticism". Perhaps you should copyright that phrase and rent it out to book blurb writers.