Monday, August 15, 2011

Tuesday Poem: "Twin Sorrows"

For Mere

Beneath your quiet grace
I’ve always sensed a power
of purpose
and peaceful strength

but here a chance encounter
a chance enquiry
on Courtenay Place
finds it is more than the wind buffets you

there is fragility shimmering in your smiling eyes
shards of sorrow

loss of a life anticipated
loss of a love separated

we explore all the permutations
torture ourselves with all the possibilities
all the “what if”s
pour down that ever-darkening funnel
to emerge as a single drop of pain
crystallised as “why?”
and I reach out the hand of support
offer some words of consolation
but in the face of your twin sorrows
these well-intentioned gestures feel ineffectual
tossed away in the wind
howling through your heart

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