Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Poem: "Three Limericks"

A fellow who hailed from Slough
had a face like the back of a cow.
When his friends with alarm
saw a girl on his arm,
they were miffed so they didn’t ask: “How?”

An old man who had travelled the Earth
said the prettiest city was Perth.
“I’ve seen Paris and Rome,
but they don’t feel like home
nor Las Vegas for what it is worth.”

A man who came from Westonia*
said: “Life here makes me feel lonelier.
I go to the city
for succour and pity,
but the people there are phonier.”

*Westonia is a very small country town in the wheatbelt area of Western Australia. My friend (who came from Perth and had trouble adjusting at first) was headmaster of the small school there for a time and, although Westonia had a small population, it was a charming country town with very friendly inhabitants as country folk often tend to be.

 POET'S NOTE: I've been involved in a lot of serious stuff lately, political activism, community activism and the like, so as an antidote I thought I'd post something frivolous this week. In light of Bill's zero Budget, I thought we could all use a giggle. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. I love a good limerick. There is an argument that to be a real limerick, it has to be scurrilous or defamatory, but these work very well. The second, rhyming Earth and Perth, is my favourite.