Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall of Rome?

I subscribe to the Mindfood magazine e-newsletter and naturally it is targeted at the middle-upper class and their disposable income. They have a lot of competitions to win things, most of them reasonably sensible and handy things that would be useful, appliances and such like.

But the latest e-newsletter contained a competition prize that I found patently absurd. See below:

"Win a Servo-Drive uno mechanism from Blum for your rubbish-bin drawer, valued at $500. With the addition of Servo-Drive uno, all that’s required to open the drawer is a light tap of the knee, foot, or elbow."

So when did we become so lazy and so corruptly affluent that we would pay $500 ( a weekly salary for many people in New Zealand) for a machine that opens our drawer? Is it because there is rubbish in it? Are we so terrified of a few germs that we can't open the drawer with our hands? Are we so paranoid we might get ill?

Rome was once mighty and powerful, but it became corrupt and lazy with wealth and power and so fell prey to the lean and hungry Barbarians at the Gate. Each flood starts with a raindrop. Does the downfall of the West begin with such tiny absurdities as the Blum Servo-Drive uno mechanism?

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  1. Ha ha. I took the cupboard door off the kitchen cupboard where the rubbish and recycling bins live because it was way too stiff and therefore always filthy. Didn't cost a cent and works a treat.
    I'm always spotting "The world has officially gone mad" products. Pleased I'm not the only one!