Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tuesday Poem: "Not Syria"

Not for us the swift savagery of the strafing jet
or the murderous melée of missiles,
but the slow and steady creep
of ignorance and neglect.

While an empire is being built at speed
in the Central Business District,
the small voices of the poor and vulnerable
cry out unheard by that bureaucratic machine
that knows no face nor gives no kind word.

The third hospitalising bout of pneumonia visits
the 92-year-old widow in the third winter since
Rūamoko rose and shook himself
like a dog emerging from a river.
“I just want my home fixed before I die,” she says.
Not much to ask for,

like peace in Syria.

PLEASE NOTE: The poet in no way wishes to diminish the enormous tragedy and suffering that is happening in Syria. My heart goes out to the Syrian people who are being slaughtered by a dictator clinging to power at all costs. I pray that peace comes to the Syrian people swiftly and that no more innocent civilians have to die.

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