Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tuesday Poem: "Go and play in the middle" by John Hegley

my Mum used to watch out of the window
these boys who played football
on the green in front of the bungalow
she used to stand well back
so she couldn't be seen
and when the ball hit the wall of our garden
she said to my Dad
it's hit our wall again Bob
go out and tell them
and my Dad would go out and tell them
maybe eight or nine times in a day
to go and play in the middle
and immediately he had told them
my Mum would be on the watch
for the next time he would need sending out
and sometimes it was only a few moments
after he had come back in

by John Hegley

I saw John Hegley perform his poems in an early Comedy Festival at BATS Theatre in the mid-1990s. He was very funny.

For more information on poet, John Hegley, see:

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