Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday Poem: "Revolving Days" by David Malouf

That year I had nowhere to go, I fell in love — a mistake
of course, but it lasted and has lasted.

The old tug at the heart, the grace unasked for, urgencies

that boom under the pocket of a shirt. What I remember

is the colour of the shirts. I'd bought them

as an experiment in ways of seeing myself, hoping to catch

in a window as I passed what I was to be

in my new life as lover: one mint green, one

pink, the third, called Ivy League, tan

with darker stripes, my first button-down collar.

We never write. But sometimes, knotting my tie

at a mirror, one of those selves I had expected

steps into the room. In the next room you

are waiting (we have not yet taken back

the life we promised to pour into each other's mouths

forever and for ever) while I choose between

changes to surprise you.

Revolving days. My heart

in my mouth again, I'm writing this for you, wherever

you are, whoever is staring into your blue eyes. It is me,

I'm still here. No, don't worry, I won't appear out of

that old time to discomfort you. And no, at this

distance, I'm not holding my breath for a reply.

by David Malouf

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