Friday, June 4, 2010

Born to Rule or Born to Fool

As I have stated before, I'm a born leftist. Probably will be until the day I die unless I win vast amounts on the Lotto. I have noticed that the richer people become the more right-wing views they seem to develop.

I am disturbed by the right-wing party, the National Party, that is presently our government. We had nine years of the left (pretty watered down and centrist left really) and at the last election all these people were saying it was time for a change, but I knew that a change doesn't necessarily mean an improvement. It wasn't long before National's "born to rule" attitude surfaced. 

They got rid of a democratically-elected set of councillors at Environment Canterbury and installed their own puppet "commissioners" who will green light all the water consents for their rich dairy farmer mates so Canterbury's braided rivers can be sucked dry and polluted with dairy effluent just so farmers can raise dairy cattle on land that has naturally low rainfall and it more agriculturally suited to raising sheep and growing wheat as it did for decades before the dairy "boom". The next "boom" you hear will be Canterbury's ecology going up in a cloud of profit.

They want to mine in the most precious conservation areas we have and despoil the very beauty that tourists come to our country to see. Pristine wilderness ain't so pristine with toxic mine tailings floating down every stream.

Despite the very disastrous Gulf oil spill off the southern coast of America, our government gives Petrobras, a Brazilian oil company with a dubious environmental record, the all-clear to explore and drill in very deep water off our northeastern coast.

They just gave tax cuts to people, but guess who benefits most: the rich. At a time when our schools and hospitals are crying out for more funding, they'd rather piss in the pockets of their rich friends.

Well, I hope all those so desperate for change who voted them in are pleased with their choice when our beautiful country has been raped and pillaged by overseas corporations aided and abetted by the National Party's "develop and damn the consequences" ideology.

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