Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shower Stall Flotsam and Jetsam

Recently I was at a public swimming pool and when I was about to leave, naturally I wanted to have a shower to rinse that chlorine smell from my skin as best as I could (it seeps into your pores and is emitted for a few days).

When I stepped into the open shower stalls area that is common to public swimming pools, I spotted a large, plastic bottle sitting forlornly on the floor. I picked it up and it was Radox shower gel and obviously quite full. So I used some for my shower.

Then, being a fine, upstanding citizen, I took it out to the changing rooms when I had finished my shower and asked the two gentlemen there if it belonged to one of them. It didn't. They'd both seen it there in the shower stalls, but had chosen not to bother with it.

Someone had probably gone home earlier and, at some point in their evening, had thought to themselves: "Bugger! I left my shower gel at the pool and it was near new. What a waste of (insert appropriate $ cost of said shower gel here)."

Now, call me old-fashioned, but I still use a bar of soap when I shower. I never buy these fancy washing/hygiene accoutrements. Soap was good enough for countless generations of human beings who came before me so why should I want to wash with anything else?

But like a Japanese glass fishing-net float or an oil drum fallen off some merchant ship in stormy weather, this shower gel has washed ashore. Not on some lonely actual beach, but in the shower stall of a public swimming pool.

Like Robinson Crusoe, I'd be mad not to use what the Universe has deigned to send my way. Hey, I'd bet if Tom Hanks had come across some shower gel washed up on his Castaway beach, he'd have used it, even if he couldn't get it to foam in the salt water!

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