Friday, August 13, 2010

Shameless Self-Promotion with an Altruistic Edge

ATTENTION: Tuesday Poets

I was inspired by what I thought was a good idea the other day. Being that we are in a global recession, perhaps the idea of barter might appeal to some folk.

In late 2008, I published a collection of 21 short stories. The collection is called Aotearoa Sunrise.
It retails on for $US 19.97 and in New Zealand I sell it for $NZ 30.00 (plus $3 P&P).

But I was thinking that if there are any Tuesday Poets who would like to swap a copy of their books, poetry or fiction, for a copy of Aotearoa Sunrise, I would be amenable to that.

I have reproduced below the product description for Aotearoa Sunrise that appears on

Product Description

A collection of 21 short stories in a variety of genres including realism, satire and parody. Set in New Zealand or Australia or Malaysia or Israel or India, these stories have a global reach but a common focus on humanity with its flaws and its nobility. Always, a tone of hope and optimism pervades these stories.

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