Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday Poem: "Old Friends"

are like bookmarks
in the narratives of our lives,
we pick up from anywhere
and read on,
the plot twists of their loves,
their triumphs and their sufferings
we follow with avid engagement,
their character flaws and strengths
mirror our own
and the emotional colour wrought
by our shared histories,
suspensefully fractured by our many absences.
Moving inexorably towards denouement,
leaving our children as the sequel.

I got so excited by the Communal Poem coming to fruition that I forgot to post a Tuesday Poem yesterday. So here it is. I thought Old Friends was sort of appropriate because the community of Tuesday Poem poets aren't my old friends, but I think this Blog Community is a very wonderful and supportive one and I'm hoping it will endure for years and years so all the Tuesday Poets can become old friends.

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