Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Poem: "She Dances Alone"

On the high veldt
she dances alone,
singing the song that attracts the Iion,
long, slender neck that the great jaws
will break like bringing down the running bok.

In the sweet rustling savannah
she dances alone,
ululating the wounded cry that brings the leopard,
slapping the womanly hillock of her hip
that the great cat will flagrantly
tear asunder from her torso.

Fierce mother African sun
fingering the vibrant coloured beads
that slap slap slap against your daughter's
breasts, forehead, thighs and ankles
as she dances alone,
waiting to be sacrificed to the hunt.

Daughter, your mother will come
to whiten your bones
after the hyenas have stripped them clean.
And then, out on the high veldt,
her spirit will dance alone.

The poet wishes to acknowledge Valley Micropress in whose pages this poem first appeared.

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