Tuesday, November 29, 2011

These are the posts I was going to do over the last few days, but my blog page refuses to fully load on my home computer for some strange reason:

I've never made a secret that my political viewpoint is left-wing so I'm disappointed but not surprised that we have three more years of a National government. A cocky National government who thinks its election success gives it an unfettered mandate to push more right into their agenda. Sell off State assets, mine and drill with no thought for the environment and demonise those on welfare. Soon when folk go down to the WINZ office, they'll be issued with different coloured stars according to what benefit they receive. Everyone must know you are a Solo Mother on the DPB or you're unemployed (or in Nat-speak, "lazy and shiftless and probably criminal too").

I don't understand why people are so enamoured of John Key. He's a terribly lazy speaker who mangles his words, he's a multi-millionaire yet can't seem to afford a decent haircut and he smiles like a buffoon while he has his Cabinet Ministers do his dirty work for him so that he always appears to be the "good guy".

Wake up, people. He'll sell us out to whomever has the fattest purse. He pursues Free Trade deals like they were a lolly scramble, but doesn't mention that powerful countries like the USA only have their own self-interest at heart. American drug companies will force us to dismantle Pharmac. He seems determined to sell off our sovereignty.

The joke is on us. Our parents and grandparents and ourselves have paid for all these State assets with our taxes over the last hundred or so years, but first Roger Douglas and then National keep flogging them off so we have to buy them back when the purchasers have extracted massive profits from them and run them into the ground.

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