Friday, November 1, 2013

Original children's poems displayed in our library

National Poetry Day is but a distant memory now, but I thought I would share a few of the original poems that appeared on the children's display in our local library:

"Cats, cats, they sleep on mats 
Fish, fish, they stitch 
Cows, cows, they moo and poo 
But birds are the loudest nerds."

By Kole 

"Teacher, teacher, don't be mean 
Give me back my bubble gum 
Teacher, teacher, don't be mean 
Give me a coin for the coffee machine 
Teacher, teacher, I think he has lost his underwear" 

By Anonymous 

"Llama, llama, shopping drama 
Llama, llama, shopping drama 
Llama llama woke up in the shower." 
By Lydia 

And brief but highly original and thought-provoking:

"My sister Sammi is very nice 
So please don't call her a piece of rice." 
By Anonymous (in very cute little kid writing)


You can't beat children for an original take on the world!

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