Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday Poem: "Day in the life of" by Avie Williams

Can you help
pick some flowers

for the children and

bury a blackbird.

There's a dead rat outside

can you hurry

they are starting to poke

its eyes out with pencils.

Can you fix the door

it's got a dent in it

there's blood on the carpet

and a pile of sick next door

they are screaming as

they've just seen

what he had for breakfast this morning.

There's a pair of furry bunny ears down the toilet.

The window is cracked and

the toilets are flooded

someone stuck toilet paper and

blocked up the sink.

The newly planted trees

have been stripped bare

the leaves are in a circle of stones

baking in the sun with mud pies.

Are  you able to rescue a pair of scissors out of the tree before it takes someone's eye out.

He's lost a brand new shoe on the roof today

wait until his Mother finds out

she won't be happy.

by Avie Williams

This is a more unusual post in that you may not have heard of this poet, but we don't always have to read the work of those "great poets" who have been showered with accolades and anthologised all over the place.

This is a poem for the everyday, but none the less marvellous for that. This was brought to my attention by a poetry-loving friend.

Avie Williams works as the caretaker at Island Bay School in the southern seaside suburb of Island Bay, Wellington, New Zealand.

More of his work can be found at his blog here:


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  1. This is an unusual poem and quite a tough one until one realises the topic. Certainly gives a new insight into school care taking. Thanks Andrew for posting and look forward to seeing more of Avie's work,