Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday Poem: "Master Chef on Sealy Range" by Stephanie Hacksley

Silver upon silver
Low cloud teases the tired eyebrows
of the Tasman glacier
Icy blue Frozen Time
grits its teeth
into inevitable oblivion

Silver too
the great icy bath water
roaring unplugged over fallen boulders
Tumbling ever on
Adding murky milk
to turquoise lake Pukaki

And now
Light beings to dance
behind the low hanging cloud
Beyond the veil
the gods are preparing a feast

The kitchen is still closed
but the energy
is in the wind
in the mist
tucked tight under the wings
of tiny white-breasted birds
free diving to valley below

They already know
what lies behind the curtain
but we
the trail of human ants
snaking up the Sealy range
only Gasp
Whoop with wonder
as a thousand stories high
the master chef
throws Open the doors!
and with a cloud napkin lingering on his outstretched arm
and dustings of flour hanging in the midmorning air




Aoraki Mount Cook

A wry smile tugs at the corner of my mouth
as I wonder what the gods are preparing next

From A Necklace of Moments – Poems by Stephanie Hacksley

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