Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mission Thwarted

This morning I got up at 5am because I had been keeping an eye on a very useful website called which indicated that a certain surf spot should be receiving a 2-metre swell, waves in the range 4-6 foot and it rated conditions 7/10, 10 being perfect. So I set off for the roughly 140 km round trip to the isolated locale.

Naturally, I was primed with anticipation. There was a possibly unfavourable wind change in the afternoon so I aimed for the early morning session. I was nearly down to the bottom of the gravel road which ends at the surf break when a 4-wheel drive with 2 surfers in it came up the other way and gave me their verdict: thumbs down, as they went past.

I pulled up at the break, walked across to the beach and witnessed about 1'-2' waves breaking too close to the rocks on a full tide. Bummer!

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