Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hair and What it Says

I felt I needed a haircut yesterday and while sitting there waiting and looking around, I thought about how hair is not just something for humans to keep their head warm.

You can advertise your "tribe" by your hair as in Mohawk usually says I like a punk aesthetic, or dyed jet black and wafting over the eyes says I'm a Goth or Emo, maybe blond and carefully-cultivated unkempt means I'm a surfer dude.

I used to not care much about my hair, still don't really, what's left of it. I had naturally very curly hair and when it was long it was in ringlets. I started seriously surfing when I was 15  so maybe my hair reflected that, but it was dark brown not blond. Grey started to creep in by my late 20s which makes people view you as older than you really are. By my early 40s, it was thinning through the middle and now at 53 I have lots on the sides, but not much front and top. So when it grows I get white and woolly around the sides. It looks better to keep it reasonably short to avoid the Mad Professor look.

I mourn the luxuriant brunette curls of my youth (my youngest son is a bit curly/wavy so may emulate his Dad) because now I look in the mirror and think "Old Fart!!!"

I guess I just have to keep it young inside my head and don't let my attitudes get inflexible. Keep up a Yogic mind and fool those teenagers in the Mall who think you have one foot in the grave.

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