Thursday, February 18, 2010

Uneasy Listening

The term "easy listening radio stations" bothers me - why?

Because it scares me that either people have so little imagination or the media owners deem them to be so, that they cannot listen to a wide range of music in a variety of genres.

What is difficult about listening to Brian Eno or the more esoteric songs of Peter Gabriel or Miles Davis or John Coltrane or Tom Waits or John Cale or Laurie Anderson or Lou Reed or Iggy Pop or a host of wonderful quirky, individualistic artists.

I would feel as bland as toilet paper if my music was played on an "easy listening station". I would be insulted.

Wall-to-wall Doobie Brothers, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac...yuck! Hey, they have the odd good song, but give someone else a spin.

For Doobies why not substitute Little Feat? For Eagles why not substitute Gram Parsons or the Byrds? Fleetwood Mac, move aside for some Velvet Underground!

So don't fall for this pap! Stretch yourself. There are more good artists, good records and good songs out there in the world than you could ever listen to in your entire lifetime. But hey, you could make a start right now!

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