Thursday, August 30, 2012

John Key feels a little Dylan Thomas

Our prime minister, John Key, may worship All Blacks more than artistic Kiwis, but I wonder now that several Kiwi soldiers have died in Afghanistan, is he feeling the heat? Has he ever read about his hand in the poem "The Hand That Signed the Paper" by Dylan Thomas? For it is his hand that continues to sign the paper, but in all fairness, it is probably Helen Clark's hand that originally signed the paper.

But ordinary Kiwis' sons and daughters continue to die and he keeps justifying our presence there in what is an American-initiated invasion. And when we leave and all the UN soldiers go home, will the Taliban simply return like ivy that grows back almost as fast as you cut it down?


  1. New Zealand's military presence in Afghanistan serves no military purpose - it serves a political purpose, which is to try to keep us in the US's good books and enhance the chances of our farmers selling their products in the US. These soldiers are dying for Fonterra.

  2. Yes, very true, Tim. And our politicians suck up to the USA, desperate for crumbs from their table, taking us into so-called "Free trade" deals where everything works to the American's advantage. Kiwi artists/creatives could have their IP threatened by this TPP deal they are after. Scary!