Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Poem: "Broken World" a song by Ryan Bell (aged 9)

This Tuesday I thought I'd post a video of my son, Ryan, playing his original song, "Broken World". I filmed him in our backyard with the last snowfall we had here as a backdrop. Ryan has been learning the guitar since he was about six-and-a-half and he started composing his own songs as soon as he had a reasonable number of chords mastered.

Now I don't claim to be Leon Narbey or Alun Bollinger and I was only filming him with the movie mode of our small Olympus 770SW digital camera, but I am reasonably proficient with a camera. On the original video that I filmed the top of his head was not cut off, but somehow a compression type thing happened when we uploaded the video to YouTube. I think it gets somehow cropped to fit the YouTube framing format. So I apologise for the top of my son's head being missing, but here he is:


I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. I did it enjoy it - thanks, Ryan, and thanks for posting this, Andrew!

  2. Nice work, he should be very proud of himself - I particularly liked the change-up.

  3. Go Ryan! Nice voice, great chords cool lyrics and loved the change of mood when the chorus came in. Well done you...and good on dad Andrew for filming it. Keep up the great work.