Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Poem: "Ransom Note"

Earthquake-damaged buildings in Christchurch CBD 19 April 2011

Leave five billion dollars in
hard-earned taxpayer money
by the ruins of the Cathedral.
Do this or your city dies.
P.S. Don't even think of going
to the authorities.
We are the authorities.

POET'S NOTE:  I know that people outside of Christchurch are probably "over" the earthquake and have "compassion fatigue", but residents of Christchurch, especially the battered eastern suburbs, live with the ongoing after-effects daily, bashing the hell out of our car's suspension on the pot-hole-ridden roads, abandoned homes surrounding us and a consequent rise in vandalism and burglary (my sister-in-law's house was burgled yesterday), flooded roads every time it rains etc.

Recently, CERA and the government unveiled their grand vision for the CBD with its "anchor projects" like a sports stadium and a convention centre. This involves knocking down several buildings that have survived the earthquake, some heritage buildings, to accommodate the grand plan.

As you may have seen in news reports, many people feel that the rebuild of Christchurch has been taken out of the hands of Christchurch's citizens and the overwhelming focus on the CBD has meant that the suburbs and the people who live in them have largely been ignored.

No one wants to be seen as whinging, but for many people their patience is wearing mighty thin.


  1. Love "ransom note" it's an awesome poem, especially the P.S. If only those authorities could get their s#*t together.

  2. I love the tone of this. Perfect.

    We are the authorities. Yes.

  3. Sympathies to your sister in law, Andrew. It is all such a huge test of patience. Thank goodness spring is nearly here and hopefully the rain falls lightly and at night! Hope you are keeping warm too...it has been so cold down there recently.
    all the best.

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments.