Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tuesday Poem: "If a Poem was an Animal"

would it listen to night music
and be fascinated by shiny things
would the noise inside its head equal the noise without,
without colouring outside its lines and blacking out
its interiors
would it give free range to a
free range idea
would it pick up something from a previous life
a phrase, a word, a concept,
a jazz syllable secret
would it carry on as though nothing had happened
would it be something concrete
or ephemeral, an in-joke
a poem within a poem about a poem...

POET'S NOTE: This poem is written as a kind of tribute to the 3rd Birthday Poem on the Hub. Prior to writing the 3rd Birthday communal poem ( ongoing as you read this at, we were kicking around ideas by email about our theme, subject and approach. There were a lot of great ideas (with 30 poets it's bound to happen) and many never got used. So this is my small way of trying to snag some of my fellow Tuesday Poets' ideas from the ether and give them flesh.

I'm two days late in posting this poem, but if you hurray on over to Tuesday Poem you can still catch many of the other fabulous Tuesday poems for this week.


  1. Free range ideas indeed, Andrew. Though writing a stanza of the communal poem almost scrambled my brain.

    This is a great little poem.

  2. I like the middle part -- same as Penelope. Giving free range to free range ideas.... that's great.