Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday Poem: "Dream of a Slave" by Gavin Ewart

I want to be carried, heavily sedated,
into a waiting aircraft.

I want to collapse from nervous exhaustion.

I want to bow my head like Samson

and bring down with me

the top ten advertising agencies.

I want to see the little bosses

vanish like harmless fairies.

I want the pantomime to be over,

the circus empty.

I want what is real to establish itself,

my children to prevail,

to live happy ever after

in this world that worships the preposterous.

It is better to be a scribe

than hacking at the salt mines,

heaving the building blocks.

Everybody wants to be a scribe.

But I want out. I want non-existence.

A passive dream, a future for my children.

by Gavin Ewart

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