Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Tuesday Poem: "Below Freezing" by Tomas Tranströmer


We are at a party which doesn't love us. Finally the party lets the mask fall and shows what it is: a shunting station for freight cars. In the fog cold giants stand on their tracks. A scribble of chalk on the car doors.
     One can't say it aloud, but there is a lot of repressed violence
here. That is why the furnishings seem so heavy. And why it is so
difficult to see the other thing present: a spot of sun that moves
over the house walls and slips over the unaware forest of flickering faces, a biblical saying never set down: "Come unto me, for I am as full of contradictions as you."
      I work the next morning in a different town. I drive there in a hum through the dawning hour which resembles a dark blue cylinder. Orion hangs over the frost. Children stand in a silent clump, waiting for the school bus, the children no one prays for. The light grows as gradually as our hair.

by Tomas Tranströmer

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