Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Tuesday Poem: "Three Limericks: Auckland, Tekapo and Wellington" by Daniella Judge


An abundance of sky scrapers
Tiny corner stores selling ice breakers
Auckland is so shit
Who can survive it?
Airport littered with white traders

(Poet's comment: "This poem is about Auckland and the fact that I don’t like it."


Lupins line the Tekapo road
A skiing town, worth a change of zip code
Star gazing, hot pools and a lake
Lets go, lets go for a break
Jump in! and join our car load

(Poet's comment: "I’ve had really good memories in Tekapo and thinks it’s a great place to take a group of friends."


The glimmer and gleam of Wellington
Living there you'd hate to be bedridden
People with funky style
Wearing every textile
Eating food that would win on Hells Kitchen

(Poet's comment: "This poem is about how I likes the funky clothing styles in Wellington and how the food there is really great."

by Daniella Judge

Daniella Judge is a charming and delightful young woman whom I met at the monthly Catalyst Open Mic (first Wednesday of every month at Space Academy, 371 Saint Asaph Street, Central City, Christchurch).

Daniella is a Masters of Writing student at the University of Canterbury and hosts a radio show, The Paperback Loop, on RDU 98.5FM on Tuesdays, 9:30-11pm, talking all things books. 

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