Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Poem: " Song: Lying is an occupation" by Laetitia Pilkington

Lying is an occupation,
     Used by all who mean to rise;
Politicians owe their station,
     But to well concerted lies.

These to lovers give assistance,
     To ensnare the fair-one's heart;
And the virgin's best resistance
     Yields to this commanding art.

Study this superior science,
     Would you rise in Church or State;
Bid to Truth a bold defiance,
     'Tis the practice of the great.

     -- Laetitia Pilkington

For more about this poet, see:

Given that we are close to election time here in New Zealand, I thought this poem was appropriate.


  1. Hmmm. Cynical realism for us, in poetry. I prefer neither -- Church nor State. Good post!

  2. Indeed, a fun way to deal with a depressing subject - thanks, perfect during this time of electioneering.

  3. Very appropriate Andrew, particularly with the current political goings-on