Thursday, 22 October 2009

350 Climate Action Day Worldwide

Hey, folks, on October 24th wherever you are in this world, do something for your planet. Lots of folks are doing something to show our out-of-touch, in-the-pocket-of-big-polluters politicians that we want to get carbon in our atmosphere down to a more safe level of 350ppm (parts per million).

They must listen or you and I will be drowning down her on Earth while John Key (Prime Minister of New Zealand) and Mr Toyota and Mr IBM and Mr General Motors and Mr Rio Tinto et al are floating around on a space station somewhere, smoking cigars and sipping brandy and saying, "Well, looks like we f**Ked that planet, let's find another one to rape and pillage!"

In our neck of the woods, we're having a mass paddle out of surfers (most surfers are keen on the planet as it gives them beautiful waves to ride) followed by a huge 350 message banner to be videoed and sent to a live streaming in Times Square, NYC and then a mass choir in the central city and lots of other fun and vital stuff.

Go out and do it where you live, people!

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