Thursday, 15 October 2009

Climate Change

Please excuse me blog readers, but I seem to be a day out of sync with Blog Action Day. Probably due to New Zealand being a day ahead in the International Dateline.

So this is a repeat blog, I'm afraid.

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I have just learned that today, October 15, is World Blog Action Day.

All bloggers are uniting to speak out about Climate Change.

Tell your leaders: "Only a 40% reduction in global emissions will do!" As Greenpeace's Sign On campaign says: "There is no Planet B." We must make of this Earth the paradise it can be. We must learn to live within our means, to respect the oceans, forests, deserts and all the wonderful wildlife that lives on our planet.

I have two sons. I don't want them to inherit a planet we have ruined through our blindness and greed.

You don't need an IPod, a 50-inch plasma TV, a holiday home, a huge 4-wheel drive and everything that opens and shuts. It won't make you happy no matter what the Saatchi's would have us believe.

We can make a global community where cultures respect each other, where war is history, where no one nation tries to impose its power or will upon another. It is not just some unattainable fantasy!

All we need is the willpower to change our ways and the desire to save our beautiful world. As the Native Americans once said: "When the rivers are poisoned and the sky is choked with smoke and the earth is dying, then will you eat your money?"

Those people had wisdom and we need to get it back. Come on, people of this planet, it is not too late, but tomorrow it might be.

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