Friday, August 15, 2014

Short Story (serialised): The Big Game - Part Three

            “Satan is quick to respond with a driving move down the court. Sariel and Michael are in disarray in defence and Satan crashes through. He’s up. It’s good. All-Stars have their first points on the board and Vesuvius erupts and destroys Pompeii.”
            “The excitement is palpable here at Dante Hyperdrome as the two teams go head to head. A fight broke out between some Western industrialists and some Hare Krishnas when Michael scored a beauty which created the Himalayas and Pol Pot swiftly countered with the Black Death.”
            “We can’t pick one player as a stand-out. Gabriel might have scored three baskets in quick succession with Uluru, the Amazon and Victoria Falls, but he couldn’t have done it without the JJ’s working immaculately as a unit.”
            “And Satan has answered those pundits who called him an also-ran.”
            “Critics of his team’s fitness and determination have been silenced by the dynamic defence and offence of the All-Stars. That old black magic was never more evident than when Satan beat Michael and Sariel to score that explosive Krakatoa eruption.”
            “And Stalin and Idi, essentially defensive players, ranging far and wide with that beautiful combination which resulted in Stalin scoring that genocide in Rwanda basket.”
            “More hot action, sports fans! The Aleister Crowley cheerleaders are chanting up a storm as Satan beats one…two…three players and bams one off the backboard. What a basket! Hitler’s up, he’s got the rebound and he scores! A magnificent double-header: earthquakes in San Francisco and Chile!”

Part Four continues tomorrow

The Big Game was first published in The West Australian newspaper and was reproduced in the short story collection, Aotearoa Sunrise.

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  1. First the Grand Canyon, now earthquakes. There are some serious side effects to this game...