Saturday, August 16, 2014

Short Story (serialised): The Big Game - Part Four

            “The JJ’s are undaunted and zip back into play. Gabriel to Michael, beats Pol Pot, back pass to Sariel, beats Idi, flick to Raphael who flicks a pass behind his back to a sensational running intercept by God and he slam dunks for Michelangelo completing the statue of David.”
            “Satan calls for time out. Let’s go to the electronic scoreboard for an action replay.”
            “For the viewers at home who may not have picked that up on the audio, a murmur of amazement rippled through the crowd as we watched the slow motion replay of Raphael’s last pass. As the ball arced through the air towards God, a rainbow trailed behind it and we could clearly see the flowering of the Renaissance.”
            “The ball’s in play again. It looks like Satan is setting up a two-on-one and yes, a dummy pass to Hitler while Idi steams up from mid-court. Satan passes to Idi. Idi charges through for the slam dunk for Nietzsche publishing Beyond Good and Evil. There’s the whistle. Did you see what that was for, Murray?”
            “Yes, Kurt. Idi shoulder-charged Sariel with excessive force. This produced the phenomenon of ‘drive-by’ shootings and a foul has been awarded against Idi.”
            “Sariel to take the penalty shots. Cool as a seraph he drops them in. One, Pasteur successfully vaccinates against rabies, and two, Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin.”
            “Whoa, trouble has developed while Sariel was taking his penalty. It’s a pressure cooker down there. Satan initiated some pushing and shoving with God.”
            “The umpires are taking no nonsense. Satan has earned himself five minutes in the ‘sin bin’ for propagating the AIDS virus.”
            “A poor example for a player-captain to set."
            “Couldn’t agree more, Murray. Satan’s lack of self-control may cost the All-Stars the game.”

Part Five continues tomorrow

The Big Game was first published in The West Australian newspaper and was reproduced in the short story collection, Aotearoa Sunrise.

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  1. Satan needs more time-out -- all that pushing and shoving.