Sunday, August 17, 2014

Short Story (serialised): The Big Game - Part Five

            “Being reduced to a four-man team at this stage of the game is the last thing that the All-Stars need.”
            “These guys have fire in the belly though. Hitler responds to this setback with some fierce dribbling up centre court. He sells the dummy to Pol Pot. How’s he gonna break through the tight defensive formation of Michael and Sariel?”
            “Will you look at that! He’s dodged under the defence, beautiful body twist, launches off that front foot, it’s up and it’s good.”
            “An incredibly tricky shot, but he pulled it off and the tanks roll into Tiananmen Square.”
            “Pol Pot’s snatched the rebound and is drawing the defence.”
            “Hitler’s over in support of Pol Pot. There’s a hole in the JJ’s defence and Stalin has steamed through it. Hitler lobs a pass over the JJ’s to Stalin and he’s up for the slam dunk. Another ferocious scoring manoeuvre for the All-Stars and ethnic violence spreads throughout Eastern Europe.”
            “God has called time out. What a nail-biter, viewers! We’re holding our collective breath as the All-Stars lead 16 to 15 over the Jumping Jehovahs with only seconds remaining.”
            “In a surprise move, God is bringing in his two draftees: David and Solomon. Murray, isn’t God taking a big risk bringing on untested players at this crucial point in the game?”
           “They’re only untested in the UBL though, Kurt. Both players have acquitted themselves well under pressure in the Hebrew League.”
            “Play resumes, viewers, and the suspense is tangible here at the Dante Hyperdrome. David and Solomon are probing up the right side of the court, passing and dribbling, keeping it tight. They’re drawing Idi and Stalin.”

Part Six continues tomorrow

The Big Game was first published in The West Australian newspaper and was reproduced in the short story collection, Aotearoa Sunrise.

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